Radiant Attic Barrier

Radiant Attic Barrier

Radiant Attic BarrierRadiant Attic Barrier is a thin sheet of aluminized double sided reflective cloth. It protects our astronauts from temperatures ranging from -459 degrees Fahrenheit to +460 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s also known by NASA as the “Space Blanket!”

NOTE: It would take a 7 foot thick piece of insulation to even get close to this protection!

Radiant barrier was first introduced in the United States 1920’s. It was actually used to insulate homes and commercial buildings. In 1945, the manufacturer was ruled a monopoly by the government and shut down! In 1955, NASA put it to use for the space program.

Not only does a top-quality radiant barrier have the ability to keep 95% of the radiated heat out, but it can also keep in 50-75% of your winter heating. Plus, it will last a lifetime!

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